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Petzi / Rasmus Klump

Petzi (Rasmus Klump in Danish) is a comic book series and illustrated children’s books created in 1951 by the couple Vilhelm Hansen (drawing) and Carla Hansen (manuscript), and humorously featuring boat trips Teddy bear Petzi and his friends. I have been working on this series since 2010, both as an illustrator of children’s books but also as a comic book artist. Here are the covers of the latest albums and few illustrations.

Petzi (en danois Rasmus Klump) est une série animalière danoise de bande dessinée et livres illustrés pour enfants créée en 1951 par le couple Vilhelm Hansen (dessin) et Carla Hansen (scénario), et mettant en scène de manière humoristique les voyages en bateau de l’ourson Petzi et ses amis. Je travaille sur cette série depuis 2010, à la fois en tant qu’illustrateur de livres enfants mais aussi dessinateur bd. Voici ici les couvertures des derniers albums.

Young Andersen

H. C. Andersen Junior (The Adventures of Young H.C. Andersen) is a comic book series about the adventures of little H. C. Andersen. Thanks to a magic hat offered by his grandfather, he travels in his own fairy tales and meets the little mermaid, the little girl with matches, and many other characters.

HC Andersen junior est une série de bande dessinée racontant les aventures du petit HC Andersen. Grâce à un chapeau magique offert par son grand père, il voyage dans ses propres contes et y rencontre la petite sirène, la petite fille aux allumettes et bien d’autres personnages.


Flåklypa was created by Kjell Aukrust. He is mostly famous for the memoirs of his childhood in Alvdal in the books Simen, Bonden and Bror Min, and his creation of the fictional Norwegian village of Flåklypa.

Skipper Clement

Skipper Clement was a Danish merchant, captain and leader of the peasant rebellion. The comic book tells an exciting story about one of the most dramatic periods in Danish history.

Kongen og Munken

Kongen og Munken (the King and the Monk) is a comic book about Danish history marked by religious wars and the transition to Protestantism.


Daisy is a comic book about the life of the Queen of Denmark. A period covers her childhood until 1972 when she was proclaimed Margrethe II, By God’s Grace, Queen of Denmark.

På sporet af Kim

Kim Larsen was a Danish rock and pop musician. The comic book depicts Kim’s childhood and youth years towards the time with the band Gasolin’.

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